Life Story of Shri Dayal Chandra soni

Shri Dayal Chandra Soni

Shri Dayal Chandra Soni

Shri Dayal Chandra Soni was born in 1919 in a small town, Salumbar, in the pre-independence state of Mewar (Rajputana), India, which is now southern part of Rajasthan State, India. He was educated at the Vidya Bhawan Institution at Udaipur. Having passed his High School in 1936, he was engaged by the Vidya Bhawan itself as a teacher in its Junior School. But in 1941, he was selected to lead a Gandhian Basic Education School initiated by Vidya Bhawan management. Shri Soni worked with great devotion to make this school a success. In connection with his work, he was fortunate enough to learn about Basic Education from Dr. Zakir Hussain, from Gandhiji himself, and from Vinoba Bhave. In 1954, he had the opportunity of studying the Folk High School System in Denmark.

But unfortunately, in 1955, serious differences arose on moral grounds between him and the Vidya Bhawan management, with the result that he could no longer work in the Vidya Bhawan or its Basic School. Nor did he join any other educational institution and somehow managed himself and his family by tuition, typing, and authorship. Ultimately, in 1962, he become a Flour-Miller and sustained himself and his family.

However, in 1969, he was engaged by Vidya Bhawan’s new sister institution (Seva Mandir) for promoting literacy in the adjoining rural areas. Then in 1975, he was engaged as the representative of the World Literacy of Canada (WLC), Toronto, to look after the adult education work of a number of Indian institutions funded by WLC. This engagement continued for nearly five years. Then in 1988, he was again employed by Seva Mandir to look after its Local Culture Unit. But at the age of 75, he retired from this job in 1994.

One book written by him on Non-formal Education (in Hindi) has been given the Madan Mohan Malviya award by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in 1992. He was given “Tagore Award” by Indian Adult Education Association in 2002 for his work related to adult education particularly for propagating the thought that adult education should be given in local language.

Till his last breath on 15th, March 2008, Shri Soni continued writing essays and books on educational reconstruction. Nearly 400 articles and 25 books authored by him have been published

This site aims to provide more and more essays written by him for the benefit of users.

(The word “Shri” used here before the name denotes respect and may be considered similar to Mr. in English.)

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